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                            Office Bldgs.

                            Center Bldg. Annex

                            The expansive office area of Tokyo Ryutsu Center is located in front of the Ryutsu Center Station on the Tokyo Monorail Line. The Center Bldg., Annex, and Exhibition Halls are all arranged here. In addition to restaurants and other services, the area is wired with an optical fiber network (Logit) directly connected with the Internet Data Center (iDC) to support the pleasant flow of business. Visitors to the area by car can park their vehicles by the hour, or even by the month (full-time tenants only). The parking outside the Center Bldg. is directly connected to the fourth floor of the building, giving customers ready passage in and out.

                            Center Bldg.

                            The Center Bldg. has about 2,850 m² of office space per floor.

                            All of the lease office spaces in the Center Bldg. have large windows. The available floor space ranges from 85 m² per section to 2,850 m² per floor. The office environments can be precisely arranged and tailored to the tenant’s needs. Service amenities on the lower floor include a post office, ATMs, a convenience store, eateries, a doctor’s office, a dental clinic, a travel agent, a barber shop, and more.

                            Facility Profile

                            Date of completion October, 1971
                            Structure Steel-framed reinforced concrete
                            Number of stories 11 stories above ground and 2 stories below ground
                            Total floor space 64,639.59 m²

                            Standard plan view of Center Bldg.


                            The various services available in the Annex support a pleasant working environment for business.

                            The Annex has about 1,110 m² of office space for lease per floor. Each space is fully equipped with an individually controlled air-conditioning system, a security system for controlled entry (ID cards), and other features. The ample spaces can be arranged to suit many functions.
                            Several spacious and roomy restaurants, Western and Japanese, are open on the first underground level. The cuisine and entertainment are convenient and high quality.

                            Facility Profile

                            Date of completion July, 1991
                            Structure Steel-framed structure (steel-framed reinforced concrete structure (in part))
                            Number of stories 9 stories above ground and 1 story below ground
                            Total floor space 15,868.96 m²

                            Standard plan view of the Annex