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                            Exhibition Halls

                            First Exhibition Hall (second floor) Second Exhibition Hall

                            First Exhibition Hall

                            The First Exhibition Hall is adaptable and scalable to events of different types and sizes.

                            The exhibition spaces on the second floor of the Center Bldg. are aligned in parallel with each other, where they can be divided into multiple spaces or integrated as a single exhibition space on a grand scale.
                            Venues with floor spaces from 949 m² to 4,473 m² can be freely arranged for any type of exhibition.

                            • Hall A: 1,156 m²
                            • Hall B: 949 m²
                            • Hall C: 970 m²
                            • Hall D: 1,398 m²

                            Total floor space: 4,473 m²

                            Plan view (Halls A to D)

                            Second Exhibition Hall

                            The Second Exhibition Hall is a standalone facility located just in front of a monorail station.

                            The Second Exhibition Hall is a standalone structure located at a highly accessible site just across from Ryutsu Center Station. The Exhibition Halls on the two stories of the structure (Hall E on the first floor and Hall F on the second) are ideal for holding separate events at the same time. Hall E, for example, can be used for product exhibition, while Hall F serves as the venue for a party. Clients can also lease spaces separately, with dedicated reception desks set up in the lobbies of the first and second floors. A serving pantry is also available as an additional facility.

                            • Hall E: 1,984 m²
                            • Hall F: 1,989 m²

                            Total floor space: 3,973 m²

                            Plan view: Hall E (first floor)

                            Plan view: Hall F (second floor)