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                            Corporate information

                            Company profile

                            Corporate name Tokyo Ryutsu Center Inc.
                            President Masamichi Ono
                            Address of headquarters 6-1-1 Heiwajima Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0006
                            Tel: 81-3-3767-2111, Fax: 81-3-3767-2053


                            Date of foundation November 13, 1967
                            Capital 4 billion yen
                            Description of business
                            1. 1. Leasing management and operation of Office Bldgs. and Physical Distribution Bldgs..
                            2. 2. Leasing management and operation of facilities such as Exhibition Halls, Conference Rooms, and more.
                            3. 3. Management and operation of parking facilities.

                            TRC Service Co., Ltd.

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                            Activities in corporate social responsibility (CSR)

                            From its very first day in business, Tokyo Ryutsu Center Inc. has striven to manage its facilities with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and safety and security of use.
                            We have also worked steadily to reduce the environmental loads of our facilities through energy conservation and waste prevention. To redouble our environmental efforts, we are now taking every step we can to preserve the environment as a facility manager. The most conspicuous of our efforts are the cherry trees planted in various locations in our complex. In September 2003, we earned ISO 14001 certification through our steady work on the environmental front. Later, in 2004, we began publishing an “Environmental Report” to share the results of our efforts to protect the environment.
                            And based on reviews of our management fundamentals, we have also included in it reports on “Corporate Governance,” “Risk Management,” and “Compliance” as public records of our activities in the social dimension. Currently all of them are components of our new report “Social & Environmental Report.”
                            As we manage and operate the facilities you rely on as the venue for your business activities, we guarantee pleasant work environments and outstanding services which meet all the requirements of safety and security. By succeeding more strongly than ever before in what we set out to accomplish, we are earning renewed stakeholder trust and the confidence of our stakeholders in the future success of the following policy and our work to contribute to society.

                            Corporate history and events

                            February, 1967 A team is organized in the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry to prepare for the establishment Tokyo Ryutsu Center Inc.
                            November, 1967 Tokyo Ryutsu Center Inc. established.
                            December, 1968 Construction lot acquired.
                            September, 1971 Distribution A Bldg. completed.
                            October, 1971 Center Bldg. and First Exhibition Hall completed.
                            November, 1973 Distribution B Bldg. completed.
                            May, 1975 TRC club opened.
                            July, 1981 Gas station opened.
                            September, 1981 Second Exhibition Hall completed.
                            November, 1981 P1:Multilevel parking completed.
                            April, 1982 Recycling Center completed.
                            December, 1984 Distribution C Bldg. completed.
                            April, 1990 TRC Service Co., Ltd. established as a subsidiary.
                            March, 1991 New logo established.
                            July, 1991 Annex completed.
                            July, 1993 Lot adjacent to Distribution C Bldg. acquired.
                            November, 1998 TRC Haneda Bldg. acquired.
                            March, 1999 Second multilevel parking completed.
                            September, 2003 ISO 14001 certificate acquired.
                            July, 2005 Distribution D Bldg. completed.